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Message of the CEO

The history of human civilization is, from one point of view, the history of monuments, buildings and urban areas. For many centuries, these places have served as the ultimate manifestations of human desire and have inspired the best of his accomplishments in all eras. The importance and value of creating and designing a place with high quality, enshrined in outstanding buildings and multi-purpose complexes using modern technologies is self-evident for building companies and economic agencies, and especially so for our company. Nevertheless, this could create a strong bond between local authorities (municipalities) and professional community on one hand, and people at large on the other hand, thus generating satisfaction and the betterment of urban environments.

Khaneh Company, with a record of decades of experience in building towns and commercial, administrative and residential complexes, and taking advantage of this rich experience, with a bright horizon and a clear plan for the coming future, makes the utmost of the state-of-the-art in knowledge and technology of building industry. It has made a huge leap in the development of smart and         environment-friendly buildings which can serve as sustainable buildings, making use of new and renewable energies, hence takes a big move forward in energy saving. Therefore, contrary to just a few years ago, the claim to build bio-buildings and urban environments and sustainable high-quality buildings, while abiding by the laws and regulations and building standards is now much more believable.

This fact has resulted in increasing the responsibilities in construction companies. In accordance with the fulfilment of the aforementioned targets, the commitment of the both managers and staff of this company has reached to its optimum satisfactory level.